industrial automation provides manufacturing with efficiency for both new and retrofitted industrial machinery using automation and process control equipment

Industrial Automation and Control

Industrial automation plays a very important role in the manufacturing industry

Automation devices using mathematical and organizational methods create complex systems for a huge range of industrial automation applications

Industrial Automation Training

There are many resourse for training in the field of industrial automation. We have compiled a list of links to some well know resources. Please click on any of the links below for more information.

Industrial automation and process control online training resources:

Electrical and Electronics Student eLearning

PLC Online Training

Basic PLC Course

Industrial Automation Training Systems

Control Cubicles and PLC Systems

Industrial Computer Networks

SCADA Training Systems

DeviceNet Fieldbus Training Systems

Electricians Study Course and Practice Tests

Colleges providing courses in industrial automation disciplines:

Chisholm Institute

RMIT University

University of Melbourne

University College London

University of New South Wales


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